Inspecting the physical condition of a house is an important part of the home-buying process. Most buyers make the home purchase contingent on the satisfactory result of the home inspection.  A   professional inspector will carefully comb through the house inspecting all major house systems from top to bottom.  The inspection will include the roof, plumbing, electrical and heating systems, foundation, and drainage along with many other less critical aspects of the structure.  

Depending on the location, size, age and type of home an inspection will take (on average) two to four hours to complete at a cost of $250.00 and up.  Larger homes with multiple structures on the property will take longer and have higher inspection costs, as will homes with swimming pools.

Accompanying the inspector during the home examination is a great opportunity for the buyer to learn about various functions of the home and gather some great maintenance tips for later on down the line.

The buyer will receive a detailed report of the inspection results.  It’s wise to go over the report with the inspector and ask questions to fully understand any major issues that are noted.

In addition to the general inspection, hire a licensed structural pest control inspector, who will create a special pest report on the property identifying any infestation by wood-boring insects such as termites and flying beetles.  This type of inspection will also reveal evidence of wood rot or fungal conditions.

With an inspection contingency in your contract, if the inspections bring problems to light, you have the opportunity to negotiate with the seller for repair work or perhaps a lower price for the home. If negotiations such as these are not possible, the contingency protects you from having to move forward on the purchase of a home that may have more problems than you are ready to take on.

At TonyDavidsHomes, we’ve can provide you with excellent resources for home inspections.  If you’re in the market for a new home, give me a call or email me today and we can discuss the process and how I will work on your behalf to make your purchase seamless!

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