Get Pre-Approved Today With American Liberty Mortgage

There are many Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, Banks, Credit Unions chasing your Business for a Home loan but who do you trust with such an important decision? As Real Estate Agents, we always advise shopping round for the best deal and suggest you approach three different Lenders that come highly recommended.

One of our Favorites is American Liberty Mortgage based just south of Orlando Florida. They offer a highly professional service hard to beat. Known locally for 'saving deals', American Liberty is our preferred Lender who many agents turn to when other Lenders drop the ball and cannot provide an approval for a mortgage  2-3 weeks into their loan application.

In many cases, they have managed to start a loan application and provide a full loan approval in two weeks to ensure the Buyers are able to close on time. The office is headed by Manager Lew Ann Strickland who has an impressive background with many years of Banking and Lending experience. Her dedicated team of Loan Processors achieve Closings in excess of many Millions of dollars thru various Loan Programs to Buyers in the surrounding Orlando areas.

Working from newly renovated offices in Winter Haven, they strive to attend their Loan Closings in person and offer the borrowers a white glove service at no extra cost. They are recommended by all Leading Real Estate Offices in the surrounding areas and our office is no exception!

It costs nothing but a phone call and a few minutes of your time to get pre-approved for a home mortgage with American Liberty Mortgage. You are then armed with a powerful shopping tool to view and make offers on homes.

American Liberty Mortgage offer Loans as low as $100k and speciaize in Jumbo Loans in the Millions. If you are starting your Home Search or about to make an offer on a property, do yourself a favor and get Pre Approved first - when a seller sees an offer with a pre-approval Letter from American Liberty Mortgage, it gives the Sellers great confidence you will be able to Close - and on time! Your offer stands a much better chance of being accepted.

Call American Liberty Mortgage and have a Nationally Recognized Leading Lender back you up to buy your dream home - call Christine Melendez today on 407-288-9426 and get your pre appoval started! American Liberty Mortgage and all their Loan Programs can be seen online here at

You can apply online, visit their office in person or my preferred recommendation is call their office directly and have them pre approve you easily over the phone.

Myself and Heather J Blair in Reception Before a Loan Closing May 9th 2018