You might have been thinking about selling you house for some time, but feel daunted by the task.  I won’t lie to you, there’s a lot involved in preparing your home to list and sell.  Some people prefer a solo ride on this journey.  But when it comes to selling your house, having a professional and trusted listing agent puts you on the path to success.

Why use a listing agent?  There are many reasons, some more obvious than others.  The most obvious reason is, well…listing agents have done this before.  Practice makes perfect and I’ve learned a lot over the years.  I’m here to give you open, honest, professional advice.  As your listing agent, I can’t do it all though.  I do need your help.  An open, honest relationship between a seller and listing agent can go a long way and it’s important to understand that I’m here to help, even if the advice your given isn’t what you were expecting.

To prepare your home for listing we need to de-personalize it.  While your home may be beautifully decorated, it may have too many personal touches and your buyers might not be able to see past them.  I like to use the “less is more” philosophy.  If you’re going to be moving anyway, it makes sense to start packing up and putting some of your personal belongings in storage.  The goal is to have potential buyers walk into your home and be able to envision how their belongings will look in the home.  If your home is cluttered, the home may appear smaller and cramped leaving a negative impression.

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money.  That holds true when selling your house.  Wear and tear creeps up on you, and many sellers don’t even notice the scratches in their trim, the marks on their walls, or their dirty walkways.  That’s where I come in.  My eyes are trained to see things as potential buyers will.  I may ask you to freshen up your paint, power wash your walkways, or replace some trim to make your home stand out above the others.

How you price your home initially will make a big difference for you.  If you overprice your home, buyers may not catch that, but their agents will!  If your home is overpriced buyer’s agents may actually use the price of your home as a comparison to sell their buyers another home.

It may sound like common sense to say that when your home is on the market, you’ll need to keep it nice and clean.  Buyers really do notice if a kitchen or bathroom is dirty.  So, if you are going to list your home, plan to take a few extra minutes each day before you leave for work to make sure the home is looking great.  Showing requests come in at all hours, and it’s not uncommon to have an hour or less notice to show your home.  Trust me, those few extra minutes in the morning will pay off!


If you’re thinking of selling, give me a call.  I’d love to explain the entire process to you from listing, to negotiation, to sold! In the meantime, visit my homepage to learn the value of your home.  Just go to the “How Much Is Your Home Worth” box in the right side column and fill in the information for a free, instant home valuation!