Nest, a commonly known alternative for the word home, holds a lot of meaning. It’s where we settle together as families and take care of our young.  Our nests are very important places.

So, that’s the traditional meaning of the word.  But there’s more…

Remember when your child’s toy “Furbie” was all the rage.  The Furbie could learn how to be a smarter toy. Well a similar learning technology can be found in a much more  useful role in the world of climate control. Introducing the Nest thermostat. Teach it your lifestyle, then let it work for you and save you money. So what does the Nest thermostat do?

 Personalized for any system – Everyone’s home is unique and so is every Nest thermostat. As your Nest system learns about your home, it customizes its settings and features to best suit your personal lifestyle.

·         Eco Setting – Forget to turn your thermostat off before you walk out the door? No worries, Nest’s motion activated feature will detect that no one is home and adjust the temperature for you.

·         Remote Control – No, we don’t mean an old fashioned piece of plastic that requires AAA batteries, we mean smart phone remote control. Control your thermostat from home, work, or the train from your personal phone.

·         The Leaf – Not sure what is energy efficient and what isn’t? It can be hard to understand the science of your electric bill. When the nest thermostat displays a small green leaf on the screen this means you are officially saving energy.

·         Custom Scheduling – Setup your Nest to know you. Include specific times for different points of the day, and be able to override them if your schedule changes.

·         Detailed Energy History – Curious what you’ve been up to and how much you’ve saved? The Nest keeps track of your usage on a daily basis and provides you an easy to read report about your energy usage. Use these reports to see how Nest helps you save and find even more ways to save yourself with these handy reports.

·         Weather Aware – Using your wifi connection, Nest anticipates changes to your home climate based on changes in the outside climate.

·         Filter reminders – When was the last time you changed your a/c filter? Wait, did you even know you had one? Nest keeps track of maintenance of your system as well and reminds you when it’s time to clean and upgrade.

·         Pays for itself – Average savings with the Nest are up to 20% per month. Within a year the product could pay for itself in addition to making your life more convenient.

On top of all these great features, the Nest comes with easy installation, friendly customer service, and an online support community for you to share your stories and ask questions 24-hours a day.

Whether you are at home or away, let your mind rest and put Nest to work bringing you comfort and energy savings.


Stay tuned for Nest(ing) Part Two to learn about the Nest Protect Smoke Detector!