The holidays are upon us! It’s a time for family, fun and, an American absolute favorite… Pie! From blueberry, to apple, to pecan, there is a perfect pie for every person on this planet. I understand that it can be difficult to get everyone’s favorite on the table though, so let us take a moment to check out a little pie science and prepare you for some party pleasers.

In this article from Live Science, a trusted source because it has science in the name, we can see that according to Schwans (the makers of Mrs. Smith’s pie products) Apple seems to dominate as a sure fire taste bud pleaser. Pumpkin comes in at a reasonable second. Poor Peach takes last place at just 16%. It is worth noting that the numbers in this chart from this “trusted science source” add up to 271%. That said, don’t get too upset if you are a Pumpkin fan.


According to the America Pie Council, at (yes that is a real website, they even sell merchandise) 19% of Americans prefer Apple Pie over 13% Pumpkin. 12% are die-hard Pecan lovers. The numbers that the APC (that’s what they call themselves) provides do indeed add up to a round 100%, so I believe these numbers can be taken slightly more seriously. Overall however, both studies show that Apple and Pecan seem like good options for guaranteed success.

Now for some interesting facts about pie, brought to you by, the American Pie Council.

·         It was once against the law to serve ice cream with pie in Kansas.

·         7% of Americans admit to having passed off a store made pie as their own.

·         In 2006, Key Lime Pie was voted the official state pie of Florida.

·         113 million Americans have eaten pie for breakfast (I have no idea how they asked all of us).

·         If you love Apple Pie you are thoughtful, realistic and compassionate.

·         6 million American men age 35-54 have eaten the last slice of pie and denied it.

All of this to say, whether you are on team Apple, team Pumpkin or team Pecan, TonyDavidsHomes is cheering your delicious holiday pie on, all the way to the dinner table. From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! | 407-922-9011