In a recent blog we told you all about the wonders of the Nest Thermostat.  When it comes to making wise investments into your home, Nest has more than just an awesome thermostat to offer.

When you are looking around your home considering home improvement projects, you tend to see the obvious – flooring, painting, lighting... You probably even have a running to-do list in your head, “mulch planting beds, trim shrubs, plant annuals…” Hold on a second; have you thought about your smoke detectors lately? These important alarm systems tend to be forgotten because they don’t exactly have curb appeal. Well, mark this day on your calendar folks, because today is the day that smoke detectors became sexy.

Traditional smoke detectors are a nuisance. They go off every time your toaster is overachieving.  We’ve all been forced into that frantic towel dance trying to fan the smoke away from the detector.  Often times we end up removing the batteries to eliminate the nuisance.  This is a big problem. Smoke detectors, while annoying, play an exceptionally important role in our everyday safety. Smoke detectors save lives and we should treat them with the respect they deserve. Introducing, Nest Protect. Nest Protect is a new innovation in the world of smoke detectors with a list of amazing features. What makes the Nest Protect the sexiest smoke detector in town?

 A human voice alarm system. No more beeping and screaming. Nest Protect uses a human voice alarm that clearly explains the problem so you know how to react. Instead of a mysterious beeping from afar, this smoke detector gives you specifics right away, “Emergency. There is smoke in the bathroom”.  

“Heads-Up” Warnings. Before waking up the whole neighborhood, Nest Protect will give you a heads up warning. If your oven is over zealously self-cleaning, or you just happen to be a terrible cook, you have a chance to silence Nest Protect in the case of a false alarm.  Simply wave your hand in front of the alarm during a “heads-up” warning and the alarm will remain silent.

 Double Duty. Smoke isn’t the only worry you should consider late in the night. CO2 protection is also a very serious matter. In 39 out of the 50 US states law requires CO2 alarms. There is no need for second box on the ceiling.  While Nest Protect keeping you safe from smoke, it’s also monitoring for CO2. Even better than just raising the alarm, Nest Protect will also switch off your compatible Nest thermostat in the case of CO2 detection to keep your family safe from further harm.  

 Mobile Control. All of the information you need to take care of your Nest Protect is in the palm of your hand. Use the Nest mobile app to ensure that all systems are up and running, receive alerts and keep track of when batteries need to be changed.

Star light, star bright. As if the Nest Protect wasn’t already cool enough, it’s also a nightlight. Use the “Pathlight” function to set your smoke alarm to turn on a pathway light when you cross beneath it in the dark.

Options. Nest Protect comes in two different colors (black/white), two different languages (English/Spanish) and integrates with both apple and android products. There is a Nest Protect that is built for you. You just have to go find it. 

Good night.  sleep tight.  Rest easy because Nest has it all under control.